The question should be, Does Vodacom sell pre owned iphones ?

Vodacom does not sell Pre owned or second hand iPhones at the moment, however there are a lot of dealers who sell quality Pre-owned iphones out there

Cellucity is a Vodafone exclusive dealer here in South African and they sell quality and refurbished iPhones, you can give them a try

Is a used iPhone worth it?

If you are buying it from a reputable dealer then a used iPhone is as good as a new iPhone as the phone has been refurbished to the factory specs and also comes with a warranty

What is the best Second hand or used iPhone?

All previous year’s models like iphone xr, iphone 11 pro, iphone 8 and you will get them at a better rate than when they were new.

What are the risks of buying a used iPhone?

Buying from a doggy dealer or private seller as you might end up with a stolen iPhone that you can not use or even end up in trouble with the cops, so is very important that you buy your used iPhone from a reputable dealer.

What to check for before buying a used iPhone?

  • Find out if the phone works with your network of choice
  • Must make sure is from a legitimate seller and not stolen
  • Confirm that the phone is not blocked
  • Ask about the warranty of the phone
  • Check for any wear or damages
  • check that the phone can charge

Buy a Pre owned iphone here

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