During December holidays most Students are bored at home doing nothing as the schools are closed for the festive season holidays, some students prefer to keep themselves busy while also making pocket money on the site

So the question comes, where to look for December jobs in 2020, or what are the best December vacancies for students?

While there are plant of places where students can go and try their luck, some students buy stock and sell at taxi ranks, due to the amount of traffic you can actually make good money as everyone is busy going to shopping centres during this time.

You can apply for a holiday day job at a restaurant, restaurants often have  job openings around this time  and are usually looking for waiters or runners, so looking for  restaurant jobs near you might be a good idea.

Retail Holiday jobs, MR Price December jobs for students is one of the most popular program as they take in a lot of casual workers during December Holidays, Edgards Holiday jobs program is also one of the most popular program as they also require a large number of casual workers.

Garage Attended holiday jobs, you can also try your luck at a garage for a petrol attended job, one of the many choices available out there.

Ask a relative or neighbour, A relative might also be looking for a house helper during the holidays or looking for someone to do their gardening in the absence of their permanent staff.

You can also make a lot of money online

Here, there sky is the limit, opportunities are endless and unlimited, you can make a lot of money online in South Africa as a blogger, through adsense, affiliate, being a social media influencer and more, we will cover this topic in full soon

Apply for December Holiday Jobs here

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